The concepts are straightforward. They are fundamentals that all agents learned in the classroom and have experienced in their practice. Firstly, to receive the highest and best price for a property, the property must be exposed to the largest number of potential buyers possible.

You might find a buyer relatively easily during the first couple of months of a listing. But exposing the property to multiple, ready buyers or to buyers who are prepared to pay the full listed price, or beyond, is more difficult.

The second fundamental is that open houses are largely unproductive for the purposes of selling a property. Open houses might allow for an interested buyer or two to see the property unannounced, but that is relatively rare. 

Unless a serious buyer happens down the street past the home, or a buyer has developed a significant interest based on a few photographs to make the trek, or even a plane trip from across country,  on the particular day you have scheduled your open house, authentic buyers will not be among your visitors.

An open house should be a productive marketing tool through which prospective, ready buyers are able to walk a house, view the layout, experience the relationships of rooms, and get a good feel for the decor and improvements. However, traditional open house are not effective for this purpose because homes are largely toured by people who have no interest in buying any house. But now with 3D Interactive and Immersive Tours, this has changed.


Using 3D technology and specialized photography, potential buyers, regardless of the city, state, or even country in which they reside, can now virtually walk through the entire interior of a home just as easily as they would if they were physically present at an open house.  But now. your open house is exposed to an entire world of  real, potential buyers.

Forward-thinking agencies will be moving to this technology sooner rather than later; all agencies in time will undoubtedly add 3D photography as an essential component of their sales program

At their own pace, at their own convenience, from their own location, alone or with family and friends, in their agent's office, they can conduct a personal tour of a property. They can move from one room to another, one location in a room to another location, interactively, and immersively. Descriptive comments at strategic locations can point out amenities and features.

They can also view a home from the air to see the floor plan. Additionally, they can see the interior of the home from all sides just as they could pick up a doll house and twirl it around while looking inside. And they can do this on any computer, mobile pad, and smart phone, anywhere. They now have access to an open house 24/7, everywhere in the world accessible by the Internet.

photographs cannot give distant buyers a full perspective of a home-- 3Dphotography and scanning is the method agents must use if they expect to fully place a property in front of the largest possible pool of potential purchasers

This 3D technology will change the way people and families search for a home. Soon, within months, homes will be toured using Virtual Reality Headsets.

It is impossible to see this as anything but revolutionary in the business of brokering properties. It will surely disrupt our understanding of what constitutes an effective open house, replacing a format that is accessible only to a small group of  locals to a technology that makes it available to buyers across the nation and the indeed the world.

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