Mike Robinson

Mike has been in real estate, both residential and commercial, for over 40 years. He was Vice President and Designated Broker for nearly 15 years at Macerich, one of the nation's largest developers and operators of shopping centers. He is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the world's most prestigious real estate organisation, and a Certified Commercial Investment Member, the leading, international commercial real estate group.

Beyond this, Mike is an accomplsihed photographer and editor who has now brought together his two greatest interests to form Aspect.Property.

Mike's Art Photography

Allen Tester

Allen is an experienced commercial photographer and graphics designer, and is a remote control aircraft operator. He creates aerial aspects with a cinematic approach reminiscent of motion pictures.

Allen has flown remote control aircraft for over 8 years, working with other experienced pilots to hone his aerial abilities and his stylistic approach to videography. 

Alex ferguson

Alex has been in real estate for over 15 years, as an agent and more recently developing his own personal real estate portfolio.

Alex is also a photographer, experienced in creating high-quality high dynamic range photographs, capturing light that often escapes a photographer. In addition, he has many years' experience as an operator of remote controlled aircraft.

Alex's Art Photography